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Cayman regulator releases 'dodgy website' list

Chris Hamblin, Editor, London, 18 December 2015


The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority has become aware of a string of entities with websites that display contact addresses in the islands but do not belong to authorised entities.

These entities are not licensed or registered to carry out activities regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. The regulator's inquiries also reveal that they are also not registered with the Cayman Islands Companies Registry. The web addresses are given where possible; otherwise, emails are listed except for a very few entities whose contact details CIMA did not publish.

Websites with Cayman addresses not registered or licensed in the Cayman Islands

  • Active Brokers Inc., email: hq@activebrokers.com, website: www.agawwww.com
  • Ashford Trust & Finance, website: http://ashfordtf.com
  • AIG Private Banking, website: www.aigprivatebankonline.com
  • Bermuda Credit Re-Insurance Bank Ltd, websites: investmentservices@bcr-bank.com, bcrbrepresentative@bcr-bank.com
  • BCN Internationall, Cayman Islands, website: www.bcnky.com
  • Banco de Paribas, website: bancodepar@bancodepar.com
  • Banco Sociedad General de Credito, website: www.bseich.com
  • BBVA Cayman Island(s), addresses: Strathvale House PO Box 1109 and PO Box 1115 Elizabethan Square [These entities are not the same as, or related to, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA, or BBVA Bancomer SA, whose Cayman subsidiaries are licensed with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.]
  • BFC Bank Cayman Island, website: www.bfc.bk-ag.com [This entity is not the same entity, or related to, the BFC Bank (Cayman) Limited, licensed with CIMA in May 1987 and 'terminated' - the regulator's own word - in
  • March 2008.]
  • BFC International Bank Limited, address: PO Box 1765 Trafalgar Place, West Bay Rd, Grand Cayman, tel: 1-800-801-3545 [This entity is not the same entity, or related to, the BFC Bank (Cayman) Limited of 1987-2008 either.]
  • BIC International Bank Limited, address: Grand Pavillion Commerical Centre [This entity is not the same entity, or related to, the BIC International Bank Limited, licensed with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority May 2002 as a Class B
  • Bank.]
  • Caledonian Bank & Trust Limited, emails: caledonianbank@zzn.com; david.walker@caledonianbank.zzn.com; david.sargison@caledonianbank.zzn.com; william.walker@caledonianbank.zzn.com [This entity is not the same entity as, or related to, Caledonian Bank Limited (In Official Liquidation), which was placed into liquidation on 23 February 2015.]
  • Cameron Poe and Associates, website: www.cameronpoe.com
  • Caribbean International Bank Barbados, website: www.cbonline-international.com
  • Cayman Asset Management, website: www.caymanasset.com
  • Cayman National, website: www.cayman-national.com [This entity is not the same entity as, or related to, Cayman National Corporation Ltd., PO Box 1097, Grand Cayman KY1-1102, CAYMAN ISLANDS, whose Cayman Islands subsidiaries are licensed by CIMA and include: Cayman National (Nominees) Ltd; Cayman National Bank Ltd; Cayman National Fund Services Ltd; Cayman National Securities Ltd; Cayman National Securities Mutual Funds SPC; and Cayman National Trust Co Ltd.]
  • Cayman National, websites: www.schornsteinfegerstorman.de/blocks/business.htm; www.schornsteinfegerstorman.de/blocks/personal.htm; n0reply@caymannationai.ky
  • Citi Finance Corporation (Cayman Islands), website: www.citifinancecorp.com
  • Citi Trust Bank, websites: www.cititrustbank.com; www.citrb.com www.ctrbonline.com [This entity is not the same entity as, or related to, Cititrust (Cayman) Limited, a member of Citigroup, which is registered as a Class “B” Bank.]
  • Citi Trust Bank, website: www.citrb-online.com [Ditto.]
  • Citi Trust Bank Corporation, website: www.cititrustoffshore.net [Ditto.]
  • CFSB Company Finance Sun Bank (Private Banking), website: www.pb-cfsb.com
  • Delta Bank & Trust Co Ltd, websites: www.deltabanktrust-co.com; www.dbtltd.com
  • Dextra Bank & Trust Co Ltd, websites: www.dextrabank-trust.com; www.dextraonline.com; www.dbnet-ky.com; www.dexnet.com; www.dbonline-ky.com
  • Dextra International, website: www.dextrainternational.com
  • Duke Bank & Trust Co, website: www.dbtrustonline.com
  • Diamond Banking & Finance Group, website: www.dbfg.net
  • Deutche Bank Trust & Finance (AG) Cayman Branch, website: www.db.agtfo.com [This is not the same entity as, or related to, Deutsche Bank (Cayman) Limited of 171 Elgin Avenue Grand Cayman, which is registered as a Class "A" Bank.]
  • Epic Financial Banking Management, website: www.efmbank.com
  • Equity Credit Union, website: www.equitycreditunion.com
  • Fidelity International Trust Bank, website: www.fitbonline.com
  • Finantro Loan Services, email: email@finantro.com
  • Finanxo Loan Services, website: www.finanxo.com
  • First Federal Banking Corp, Republic of Palau [no co-ordinates given]
  • First Capital Securities Limited, websites: www.firstcaponline.com; www.firstcapitalsecurities.com; www.1stcapitalsecurities.com
  • First Capital Securities (Cayman) Limited, emails: info@firstcaponline.com; info@1stcapitalsecurities.com
  • First Cayman Bank, websites: www.firstcyb.com; www.firstcaymanbank.com; www.firstcaymanbankltd.com [This is not the same entity as, or related to, First Cayman Bank Ltd (in liquidation), which was put into liquidation on 4 December 1997.]
  • First Cayman Offshore Private Bank, email: account@firstcymanprivateoffbn.net [Ditto.]
  • First National Securities (Cayman) Ltd, websites: 1stnationalsecurities.com; firstnationalltd.com
  • First National Securities Limited, email: info@firstnationalltd.com; info@1stnationalsecurities.com
  • FortisFinance Bank, website: www.fortisfinance.com [This entity is not the same entity as, or related to, Fortis Bank (Cayman) Limited, which is registered as a Class "A" Bank]
  • Fortune Trust Finance & Securities, website: www.fortunetrust.com
  • Gulf Union Bank, websites: www.gulfunionbank.com; http://gubonline.org; https://online.egulfbank.com/gbkretail/RetailLogin.htlm; https://gulfunoinbank.projectspaces.com/workplan/activity/11/?project
  • Hillcrest Securities Online Banking, website: www.hillcrestsecurities.com
  • Hirsche Private Asset Management Ltd, website: www.hirsche.co.uk
  • IBT Schroder Bank And Trust Company, website: http://www.ibtnet-ky.com
  • International Commerce Bank, website: www.internationalcommercebank.20fr.com
  • Imperial Financial Trust Bank, websites: www.imptrust.com; www.imptrustonline.com
  • Imperial Financial Trust Bank, website: www.online-fctb.com
  • Larse Capital Ltd, website: www.larse.com
  • LGT Leibrecht HIB Grand Cayman, website: http://lgt-leibrecht-hib.tripod.com/ [This entity does not belong to LGT Group of companies and is not the same entity as, or related to, LGT Group Foundation of Liechtenstein.]
  • Mercury Bank & Trust Ltd, websites: www.mercurybankltd.com; www.mbtltdonline.com
  • Mercury Bank & Trust Cayman Island and Mercury Bank & Trust Ltd Int'l, website: www.mbt.bk-ag.com
  • Mercury Trust Cayman, website: www.mercurytrustcay:com/caymans/  [This is not the same entity as, or related to, Mercury Trust Limited, Grand Cayman of George Town, Grand Cayman, which is registered as an Unrestricted Trust Company.]
  • Mid-Western Credit & Trust, websites: www.midwestern-group.net; www.banking@midwestern-group.net
  • Nal Trust Bank, websites: www.naltrustbank.com; www.naltrust.com
  • NCB (Cayman) Limited, website: www.ncbcaymans.com [This entity is not the same entity as, or related to, NCB (Cayman) Limited, which is registered as a Money Service Business.]
  • Pacific Trust Security & Finance, website: www.onlinepacifictrust.com
  • PDG Bank (Cayman) Limited, website: www.pdgcy.com [This entity is not the same entity as, or related to, PDG Bank (Cayman) Limited, licensed with CIMA in September 1997 and 'terminated' in June 2006.]
  • Pearl Crest Finance Group, website: www.pearlcrestfinance.com
  • Primerol Group, website: www.primerol.com
  • Prudent Financial Corporation, website: www.pfcgroup.net
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, website: www.rbsotland.net.ms
  • Royal Net Bank, website: www.royalnetbankonline.net
  • Royal International Bank, websites: www.ribku.com; www.ribku.org
  • Salvais Trustees, website: www.salvaistrustees.com
  • Swiss Atlantic Finance and Securities, website: www.swissatlanticfinance.com
  • Swiss Carribean Finance and Securities, website: www.swisscarribean.com
  • Thatcher & Thatcher Ltd (Cayman Islands), email: info@thatcherltd.com; website: www.thatcherltd.com
  • Trans Atlantic Financial Trust Group, Trans Atlantic Financial Trust Bank, TAFTG Securities (Cayman) Limited, and TAFTG Assets Management Limited, website: www.transatlantictrust.com
  • Trans-Atlantic Credit & Trust, website: www.transatlanticgroup.net
  • Trans Ocean Bank, website: www.transoceanbank.com
  • Trust Investment Ltd, website: www.yourtrustinvestment.com
  • Tyson Asset Management Inc, website: www.tysonasset.com
  • Uhrlich Capital Inc, website: www.uhrlich.com
  • Universal Golden Bank, websites: universalgoldenbank.com; www.oxito.com
  • Westhaven Management, website: www.westhavenmanagement.com
  • Westerfield Bank, website: www.westerfield.com

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